Kalamandir Store Launch at Ameerpet

kalamandir new at ameerpet

If you’re an experienced traveler who has a thirst for traversing through places that hold strong cultural value in India, then there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of Ameerpet! This area in Hyderabad is world-famous for its variety of fun things to try out as a tourist or even as a resident.

However, from the geographical vantage point, Ameerpet is also the central location based on the meeting points of the twin cities of Secundrabad and Hyderabad. Ameerpet is very rich in culture and carries an essence of history, where a lot of technical institutions have flourished as a result of the development of science and technology.

This place is also a hotspot for tourists for its hospitality, industry, and shopping. Shopping enthusiasts are sure to flock to the various showrooms present in Ameerpet of various brands, both indigenous and foreign alike, and traditional attire stores are the most-visited tourist places, among others.

Ameerpet has seen the launch of various stores and brands over the years, but the 10th of September 2022 saw the craze for sarees in a new light with the Grand Opening of the Kalamandir store. Let’s check more details about it below!


The Grand Opening



The Grand Ceremonial opening of Kalamandir at Ameerpet garnered a lot of attention. The media coverage of the event reached the global audience of Kalamandir customers. There were celebrity figures gracing the occasion of the inauguration. The 17 years of heritage of this brand is another proof of the massive appreciation the physical opening has accumulated. Fans and customers of Kalamandir took to social media to deliver their express gratitude and well wishes for the owners and employees, making this formal opening a grand success!

Presence of Famous personalities at Kalamandir.

One of the celebrity figures present at the inaugural ceremony was Anupama Parameswaran. She is an established actress in the Telugu film industry who has worked in many Telugu films, and among them, her most successful one has been Premam (2015) which is also her debut film. She has a successful career in the Telegu film industry and has been actively acting in various roles in many films.

The second successful personality who joined the inauguration ceremony of Kalamandir happened to be the much-loved and praised Nikhil Siddhartha. He is an actor in the Telugu film industry, much like Anupama, and he has a large fanbase in Hyderabad who rushed to the venue to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrity.

Nikhil has participated in various films, among which his breakthrough production was Happy Days (2007), where he played one of the male leads. Nikhil is a native resident of Hyderabad and has had his schooling there as well.

Why should you shop from Kalamandir ?

Kalamandir is a store like no other. It values the art of weaving and respects customer needs to create the most beautiful pieces for everyone. It has something to offer to everyone despite its strict budgets. Kalamandir has sarees of all kinds paired with a massive range of colors available for clients to choose from. The quality of these pieces of historical significance is never compromised at Kalamandir.

Every customer is valued at Kalamandir, and their orders are packed with utmost care so they can come back to the store again and again. If you happen to be one of those people with a distinct taste for sarees and wish to get something from your mind, you are sure to find your pick at Kalamandir and make your distant dream turn into a much-celebrated reality!